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, 出油率较高 , 更换易损件少,占建筑面积少的一种榨油机 , 本机主要加工油料作物对象为 : 花生、大豆、菜籽、核桃仁、松籽 ( 去皮效果最佳 ) 、茶籽、葵花籽等油料作物。 6YY hydraulic oil press is the easiest operation in mechanical oil extraction, high oil output rate , less wearing parts replacement, and occupying less building area . This machine mainly processes oil crops : peanuts, soybeans , Rapeseed, walnut kernel, pine seed ( peeling effect is the best ) , tea seeds, sunflower seeds and other oil crops.

1. It is mainly composed of frame, oil cylinder, hydraulic station, manual directional valve, oil barrel, reverse stop switch, tray and electrical control part.

2. Working principle:

This machine is based on the principle of liquid static pressure transmission, and uses hydraulic oil as a pressure transmission medium to squeeze oil and squeeze out oil. It is a closed circuit system composed of hydraulic system and oil press body.

3. Performance and characteristics

, 占地面积少 , 易学、易懂、易操作、低电耗。 1. The machine is small in size, small in area , easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, and low in power consumption.

3. Frame-type pressure-bearing, hydraulic station is external.

, 具有压力高、出油率高、榨出的油香味浓郁,优质清洁等优点。 4. This machine is a hydraulic machine , which has the advantages of high pressure, high oil output rate, strong oily flavor and cleanliness.

5. In addition to the pressing of various vegetable oils, this oil press can also perform functions such as animal oil pressing, white clay pressing, degreasing, dehydration, and juice removal of various chemical raw materials.

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