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The micro-tillage machine is composed of a power-driven host and a rotary tiller, and the supporting power is a basic diesel engine or a gasoline engine. The user can also match other types of diesel engines with a power not exceeding a specified value according to actual needs. The machine has the advantages of simple and compact mechanism, light and flexible operation, light weight, reliable use, convenient maintenance and good passability.

Scope of application

This machine can meet the needs of users in Pingba, hills, and mountainous areas to carry out rotary ploughing and land preparation in small fields such as dry fields, paddy fields, tea gardens, orchards, flowers and vegetable greenhouses. Different supporting equipment can be selected for the field according to production needs operation.

working principle

There are mainly diesel engines, handlebars, hoods, throttles, fuel tanks, rotary cultivator covers, rotary tiller sticks, tires, and rack assemblies.

The engine is driven by a belt, and the clutch uses a friction clutch device to drive the gear box gears to rotate. Rotary cultivators are used for rotary cultivating. Rotary cultivators have a ditcher after fertilization. The good crushing soil performance also has a certain effect of turning over the soil, and various fertilizers (such as fertilization and green manure) can be evenly mixed into the soil to complete the process of rotary tillage and fertilization.

Gearbox is a combination of spur gear transmission, herringbone driving tires, and ring-shaped internally expanding brakes

The steering mechanism is an engagement sleeve type. When steering, pinch one side of the steering handle, and use the steering lever, steering rocker, etc. to steer the steering fork and the steering gear to separate the internal teeth of the joint, thereby cutting off the power of the driving wheel on one side and turning the micro-tiller. .

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