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2MY-1 mulch film covering machine is suitable for ridge filming. This machine can be used with small mini-tillers. It has the functions of film covering, film pressing, soil covering, spraying (medicine bucket) and so on.

Structure: The machine is composed of air pump, frame, trenching system, membrane-hanging system, and soil covering system.

Working principle: Drive the air pump through the tractor's shaft to suppress the spraying and spray. Place the two sides of the film roll between the two hanging wheels. After the unit enters, it should be aligned with the centerline of the ridge to be paved. Before operation, pull out 20 -50㎝Membrane mulch, compact the end and both sides, and then lightly press the film lamination roller on both sides, then the formal operation can be carried out.

The main advantage:

1. High operating efficiency, 3-5 times higher than manual energy;

2. The operation quality is good.

3. The mulch stretch rate is high, which saves costs;

4.Simple operation and easy maintenance

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