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The machine adopts the structure of airfoil shovel, and the ground ploughing mechanism adopts the disc harrow type. This machine has the incomparable advantages of other types of subsoilers. One-time operation can meet the requirements of deep soil loosening and surface planting layer rotary tillage and crushed soil. One machine for multiple uses.

I. Benefits of subsoil operations:
The benefits of implementing subsoil operations are as follows:
1. Improving soil water storage capacity. After the soil is submerged, the plough layer is broken, the soil porosity is increased, the rainwater permeability is increased, it is beneficial to reduce soil erosion, and it absorbs more rain, rain and snow in autumn and winter, and increases soil moisture content.
2. Improve soil physical and chemical properties. 有机质 的形成。 Subsoil increases soil permeability and reduces soil bulk density, and promotes the formation of soil available nutrients and organic matter .
3. Increase drought and lodging resistance of crops. Submerged pine improves the growth conditions of the crop root system. The root system is strong, the undercut is deep, and the distribution is optimized. It can fully absorb soil moisture and nutrients, and improve the crop's resistance to drought and lodging. After the subsoil operation is carried out on the soil, the yield can generally be increased by 10-15%.
4. Greatly reduce production costs.
Compared with hoe-type plough rotary cultivator, the operation efficiency is higher. After hoe-type plough operation, rotary cultivation is required to fill the trench. Generally, the rotary cultivator works twice, and the subsoiler completes it once, usually once every 3-4 years It reduces the number of tractors entering the ground, reduces resource consumption, and reduces operating costs as a whole. It is a major measure for energy conservation and emission reduction; however, it must be noted that after sowing the land for submerged operations, water must be pressed in time to prevent There was a sudden fall of snow in autumn and winter, and the young plants froze to death.
Product ratio has the following characteristics:
1. Complete performance. The product performance in the market is single, only submerged. After submerged, a rotary cultivator must be used to increase the operation link, increase the operating cost, and increase the number of times of land compaction. Our subsoiler, subsoil, soil refinement, surface consolidation Ping is done at once.
2. Reasonable price. Products of the same quality and foreign products are more than three times ours.
3. Complete functions and high operation efficiency; deep loosening and broken soil can be completed at one time.
4. Land cultivation is deep. The production structure of some domestic enterprises is simple, and it is difficult to meet the ploughing depth requirements. 30 -60mm左右) (The working depth of the subsoiler produced by our company can reach about 30-60mm after actual measurement )
5. Less fuel consumption and good economic benefits. It is more efficient than subsoiling and rotary tillage alone, saving 30% of fuel consumption. Work efficiency increased by 40%.

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