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Five characteristics of source self-propelled orchard sprayer:
1, automatic walking, no need to pull, just grasp the direction, and easily spray medicine.
2. Suitable for apple, grape, citrus, mango, pear, jujube, peach, etc., as long as the line spacing is 1 meter.
3. Simple operation and easy maintenance.
4, labor-saving and efficient, one person can operate completely, the speed can be adjusted, and the spray volume can be adjusted.
5, strong practicality, short fuselage, narrow track. Suitable for dwarfing dense orchards.
Ten advantages of source self-propelled orchard sprayer:
1. Original imported nozzle, the atomization is very uniform, and the diameter of the droplet is 50-150 microns. Strong penetrating power and good diffusivity. Fog droplets can be evenly attached to both sides of the leaf.
2. The fan sends the mist, and the air stream blows out the mist droplets for secondary atomization. The wind makes the leaves go back and forth, and the leaves can be medicined on both sides. And the medicine can be blown into the canopy without leaving dead ends. This spray method is the spray technology recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
3. The spray pattern spreads in a fan shape, you only need to walk between the two rows, and the medicine has been applied to the left, right, and top.
4. There is a precision filter at the water inlet, which will not block the sprinkler even if the pesticide is sprayed for a long time.
5. Foliar fertilization effect is good. This product is sprayed from the bottom to the top. Better fertilizer application than traditional spray equipment.
6. Water saving: 2-5 times water saving than traditional spray equipment, no need to add any additives.
7. Provincial medicine: the product does not need to use special pesticides, the mist droplets are small, most medicines are used, and few fall to the ground. Only 15% -20% and 80% -85% of pesticides left on crops and fruit tree branches by traditional spraying methods are lost to the surrounding environment. While causing serious waste of pesticides and environmental pollution, it also causes Pesticide residues in agricultural products.
8 米。 8. High efficiency: The fastest working speed is 3 km / h, and the spray distance is about 8 meters.
9, high-strength rack, strong and durable.
10. Powerful function: spray pesticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers, herbicides, even Bordeaux liquid, stone sulfur mixture can be sprayed. In addition, it can be used to humidify the flowering of fruit trees in the arid area to promote pollination.
Spraying is an important part of the operation and management of the orchard. The advanced nature of spraying machinery is an important tool to ensure the stable and high yield of the orchard. The advent of the source self-propelled orchard sprayer has made your spraying work easy, fast, and labor-saving. Technical Parameters

配套动力:1 70 F 汽油机 1.Supporting power: 1 70 F gasoline engine

传动方式:轴传动 2. Transmission mode: shaft transmission

药箱容积: 23 0L 3. Medicine tank volume: 23 0L

喷雾方式:风送喷雾 4. Spray method: air spray

过滤系统:三级过滤 5.Filter system: three-stage filtration

行走方式:自走式 6. Walking mode: self-propelled

喷雾幅度: 5 米— 8 7. Spraying range: 5 meters- 8 meters

轮距宽度: 90 cm 8. Wheel width: 90 cm

、 整机高度:90cm 9, 、 Overall height: 90cm

行走速度: 3 000米— 5 000米/小时 10. Walking speed: 3,000 meters to 5,000 meters / hour

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