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Shandong Yuanquan Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: North Industrial Park, Yishui City, Shandong Province
Phone: 0539-2313698
Website: http://zigame.cn
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Title: Procurement Consulting
Name: Mr. Sun Message time: 2018-9-13 16:52:15
Hello, our unit is planning to purchase transplanters recently. Seeing the selection activity in your industry http://m.10brandchina.com/vote/startin.php?id=44264?tg07wl, is this a reference? May I know your products and prices? ...
Admin reply: Hello, Mr. Sun, please contact 18669605897, the specific situation will tell you in detail
Title: Distributor at County Level
Name: Mr. Liu Message time: 2015-7-27 14:53:51
Can your products have a general agent in Donghai County ...
Admin reply: Hello, for specific agency matters, please contact Manager Wang at 18669605897

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Copyright: Shandong Yuanquan Machinery Co., Ltd. Telephone: 0539-2313698
Address: North Industrial Park, Yishui City, Shandong Province Website: http://zigame.cn/ 鲁 ICP 备 15004309 号 -1 Lu ICP No. 15004309
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