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Qingdao Agricultural University signed an agreement with Shandong Yuanquan Machinery Co., Ltd.
Author: admin Source: Time: 2016-12-12 15:40:45

岛农业大学关于“ 青岛农业大学专家工作站 ”“青岛农业大学科研实践基地”“青岛农业大学研究生实践基地”签约仪式在山东源泉机械有限公司隆重举行。 On the morning of December 11, the signing ceremony of the company and Qingdao Agricultural University on " Qingdao Agricultural University Expert Work Station ", "Qingdao Agricultural University Research Practice Base" and "Qingdao Agricultural University Graduate Practice Base" signing ceremony was held in Shandong Yuanquan Machinery Co., Ltd.

The signing of a comprehensive cooperation agreement, as well as the construction of expert workstations and teaching practice bases, will address the company's need for high-level professional talents and inadequate research and development capabilities, and break through the bottlenecks that restrict corporate development. In addition, through school-enterprise cooperation, Qingdao Agricultural University The scientific research results will realize the industrialization transformation in our company, which will bring the company's products to a new level in variety and technology. From "manufacturing" to "creating", it will contribute to the modernization of China's agricultural machinery and contribute to the development of national industry and agricultural machinery industry. Contribute your own strength. 2017 We set sail for our dreams.

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