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Working principle and advantages of hydraulic oil press
Author: admin Source: Published: 2019-12-3 14:59:18

Working principle of hydraulic oil press:
The hydraulic sesame oil machine is a press machine that uses hydraulic oil to pressurize and transmit pressure through an oil pump. The machine is equipped with a temperature control device to make the oil come out at high pressure and high temperature. According to the driving power source of the oil pump, there are two types of manual and electric; according to the method of applying pressure to the cake, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. An oil cylinder is fixed on the base of the vertical hydraulic oil press. The cylinder is equipped with a cylindrical piston. The upper part of the piston is connected with the cake pan as a whole. The blank is pre-pressed into a round cake, and the dough ring is covered, and 20 to 40 round cakes are stacked between the cake tray and the top plate, and the cake and cake are separated by a thin pad with a hole to drive the piston to the top. Pressure is generated and the cake is pressed to produce oil. After the squeeze is completed, the oil pump stops pressurizing, the piston falls, the residue cake is discharged, and the cake is reloaded, so that the oil is repeatedly squeezed intermittently, and each squeeze takes about 2 to 5 hours. When using an electric oil pump, it can form a circulating oil circuit system and operate several hydraulic oil presses at the same time. The structure and working principle of the horizontal hydraulic oil press are basically the same as those of the vertical type. Its equipment is easy to install, the oil flows smoothly, and no oil accumulates on the oil cake ring. However, it requires a large area and requires a hammer and a pulley for withdrawal Or screw mechanism. The hydraulic oil press has a high pressure, a high oil output rate, few moving parts, and convenient maintenance; however, the labor intensity of cake loading and unloading is also large.
Advantages of hydraulic oil press:
The high-efficiency and energy-saving oil press is a combination of traditional pressing principles and modern technology. Compared with ordinary oil presses, it has high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, high product added value, no loss, no noise, physical pressing does not require heating, and does not add any chemicals. Raw materials, no need for oil, easy operation, no wearing parts, long service life. The biggest advantage of the hydraulic oil press is that the equipment pressure is static pressure, the mechanical friction of the oil is very little, the squeezed oil is very clear, and it can be eaten directly without any treatment, which is convenient and safe. It is thought that the equipment has high pressure and high temperature to press the oil, and almost all the oil that can produce oil can be pressed.

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